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6 Pack Silicone Scrubbing Sponge by SCRUBIT Real Silicon Non Scratch & Non Smell Kitchen Scrubber Pad for Dishes Fruit Vegetable Reusable Cleaning Sponges Multi-Colored Pads [Red Green Blue] - BH6UBA44R

Availability: In Stock



  • #1 SILICONE DISH SCRUB: When you’re dealing with dirty dishes, the last thing you want is a sponge that’s not up to the task. Our silicone dish scrubber sponges contain real silicon, so they’re durable and won’t scratch your dishes, glasses, surfaces or car.

  • NO MORE BAD SMELLS: Conventional kitchen cloths can quickly build up a real stink. These anti smell kitchen sponges produce no smell - even when they’re well used. So the next time you clean your kitchen, you don’t have to put up with a dirty, smelly sponge.

  • NON-SCRATCH SPONGES: Our sponges are carefully made using real silicone and a thorough process that creates the soft glass sponge you’re looking for. No scratches, no damage to your most precious dishes, glassware and silverware - so you can scrub with peace of mind.

  • ANYWHERE USE: These cleaning sponges don’t just do a good job in the kitchen - they also clean a variety of other surfaces around the house, like the bath or shower. So get the most convenient scrub sponge around now - they’re reusable, too.

  • 100% SATISFACTION: Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase our silicone kitchen scrubber sponges. If you’re unsatisfied about anything, simply return your purchase and we’ll replace your pack or refund you.

  • When Old Cloths Simply Won’t Cut It

    Using the same, smelly, dirty old kitchen scrubbers to do all your cleaning is a thing of the past. With these silicone scrubbers, you can wash dishes, clean surfaces, clean your teflon and non-stick pans and more.

    Your Kitchen & Bathroom Friend

    This sponge doesn’t just work well in the kitchen, but in the bathroom too. Clean your tub, shower, tiles, sinks and more without worrying about scratches. The soft nature of the sponge ensures that it’s not only easy on your surfaces, but on your hands too.

    Made with Real Silicon

    Silicon, the main ingredient in silicone, is what makes the material flexible and soft. Which is why we’ve made sure our sponges’ silicon content is high. That’s what makes them non-scratch, non-smell and super durable, so you can keep your kitchen clean for longer.

    Your Helping Hand in Fighting Germs

    These silicon sponges help you to cut through grease and grime - but that’s not all. The slippery surface also makes it harder for nasty germs to cling to your sponges. Without those odor-causing germs, your kitchen will always smell clean and fresh.

    Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

    It’s our mission to help you keep your home spotless. So if you feel that we’re not living up to that - and you’re not satisfied with your purchase - simply return your sponges and we’ll give you a full refund or replace your pack.

    Get Your Handy Silicone Sponges Now and Fight Back Against Odor-Causing Germs

    6 Pack Silicone Scrubbing Sponge by SCRUBIT Real Silicon Non Scratch & Non Smell Kitchen Scrubber Pad for Dishes Fruit Vegetable Reusable Cleaning Sponges Multi-Colored Pads [Red Green Blue] - BH6UBA44R

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